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Colts Cast: How the Rivers-Colts connection could parallel that of another HOF quarterback

With the recent acquisition of Philip Rivers to the Indianapolis Colts, there are still some questions that can, and will only be answered by what we see on the field. We can look back on Rivers’ history to tell us he’s a Hall of Fame worthy quarterback when looking at the totality of his career, or we can pick and choose a few seasons, look at his stats and argue otherwise.

Additionally, the past season (23 TDs, 20 INTs) may be what some will hang on to and suggest that it’s the beginning of the end for the former Chargers’ passer. We can do this all off-season long, and the arguments could go back and forth, and nobody will actually be wrong.

Today, however, Matt Danely wants to talk about a possible parallel that Rivers could hold to another Hall of Fame quarterback that Colts’ fans know very well. He went to another team after he was thought to be on his last leg, he took a young, underwhelming roster to the next level. And, it wasn’t just off of his arm talent in which he was able to achieve that.

Matt talks the latest Colts news in free agency, releases, and re-signings. Matt also goes in depth on this intriguing parallel on another top tier quarterback of our time, and speaks with Derek Togerson of NBC San Diego to discuss what Philip Rivers brings to this Colts roster that is dying to surge defensively, but deserves a top-notch all-time quarterback to get this offense to explode.

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