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Colts sign former Vikings All-Pro CB Xavier Rhodes

NFL: Pro Bowl-NFC vs AFC Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Just a day after Roger Goodell ordered all 32 NFL teams to close up shop and work from home, Chris Ballard and his staff have been busy finalizing a deal that will bring former Vikings All-Pro cornerback Xavier Rhodes to Indianapolis.

As ESPN’s Adam Schefter pointed out, we know this is a one year deal but the exact terms of the deal are unknown at this point. This post will be updated with further analysis and contract details as soon as they become available.

Last week, in a somewhat surprising move, the Colts moved on from veteran corner Pierre Desir. Now that the team has brought in Rhodes, it does make more sense. Both men are 29 years old, neither are building blocks but the Colts front office must believe that Rhodes will provide the Colts with more impactful play in 2020.

I’m sure our own Zach Hicks is working on a film piece now looking at the newest Colt, he loves defensive backs so I will defer to his opinion on what Rhodes will be able to provide. That said, in an attempt to provide some sort of analysis (and because some people really enjoy PFF’s historically bad player grading) I took a look at what PFF had to say about each man in 2019.

Rhodes graded out with a 46.4 overall score (that’s bad according to the system PFF has meticulously crafted out of thin air) including a run defense score of 62.9 (average, I guess) and a 44.7 coverage score (still bad, allegedly).

Desir graded out with a 58.8 overall score (which is what I scored in Algebra 1 when I was 14, due to “not applying myself”) a 63.3 run defense score and a 57.9 in coverage.

What PFF can’t tell us (that list is long, I just mean in this specific scenario) is why each man scored the way they did. I have a hard time believing the Colts took a look at Rhodes tape, saw a clear downgrade and opted to sign him over keeping Desir. Rhodes has played at a high level in the past and if the Colts believe their current defensive system will allow him to excel where the 2019 Vikings defense held him back, that could go a long way to explaining this move.

More details will follow as they become available.