Realistic and Solid Offseason

This is a realistic offseason that includes 1 big signing, 1 pretty big trade and the potential to get us to a SB competing level, or at least back in the playoffs.

Free Agency Signings

Anthony Castonzo- 1 yr 16 mil

Byron Jones- 4 years, 15 mil per year

Maleik Collins- 4 years, 8 mil per year

Demarcus Robinson- 1 year, 5 mil

Tre Boston- 1 year 4 mil

Graham Glasgow- 4 years 8 mil per year

The line gets even better than last year as Glasgow is quite a bit better than Glowinski. I’d keep Glow for at least 1 more year as an interior backup. Jones is the big ticket FA who instantly starts opposite Rock and makes Desir expendable (we save nearly 7 mil by cutting him… no dead money). I’d probably keep him with the way CB’s get hurt. Collins becomes our best DT until the draft happens, and has potential to keep growing in a familiar system. Robinson is a "veteran" WR who provides us with some depth and competition. Boston gives us a solid FS backup.


Rd 1- Javon Kinlaw- A DL of Houston, Kinlaw, Collins and Turray has the ability to cause all sorts of problems for QB’s.

Rd 2- Brandon Aiyuk - I sure hope Aiyuk falls to 34 overall. He would be an immediate upgrade and #2 to TY and possibly future #1

Rd 2- TRADE. Derek Carr. When you consider who might be there at QB for the Colts, I think it makes sense to trade for Carr, put weapons around him and draft a mid-round QB with minimal investment and possible long term ability. I think the Colts 2nd is enough to land Carr, who is perhaps slightly above a middle of the pack QB and a large upgrade over JB.

Rd 3- Michael Pittman or Chase Claypool- If this is the deepest WR draft in years, why not take advantage when it is one of our biggest needs? Either would give us great size in the red zone and long term potential.

Rd 4- Lucas Niang- OT who is not ready right away but has solid long term potential

Rd 5- Dalton Keene- Potential to be a solid pass catching TE that is also a plus blocker

Rd 6- Steven Montez- Athletic QB who needs time to develop. We should be taking a developmental QB with some regularity going forward.

Rd 7- Dane Jackson- CB with decent size.

This offseason helps us to retain and improve our top 5 OL while adding depth, gets us a QB that is probably in the top 10-15 in the league (meaning about 10-15 spots ahead of Jacoby), boosts our WR’s and DL. While our pass rush would certainly get better with interior pressure, our CB’s would equally get better meaning our ability to defend the pass changes dramatically. Oh, I’d also love to trade JB if possible to clear his money off the books but we can absorb his deal if we can’t find a trade partner.

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