Mock Draft- Offensive Heavy

The Colts hit the D hard in FA. The Dline is pretty set with Buckner added and Turray coming back healthy, CB could use a young guy to compete in the future but has a decenttop 5 (Rock, Xavier, Moore, Carrie, Tell). Hooker and Willis are a promising duo, especially with a better pass rush. Linebackers... 1 stud, future stud and very good low cost guy in Walker.

On offense, we have no future TE and no one to replace Ebron. We have no depth on the OL. We have little proven at WR outside of TY. We have no QB signed past this year.

Time to go heavy on O:

Pick 34- Trade. Already? Yes, as this will help secure the many needs the Colts have on offense. 34th pick traded to the Jets for 48 and 79. Jets pay a bit more than drat pick charts to go grab a playmaker for Darnold (Pittman or Reagor or Shenault.

Pick 44- Brandon Aiyuk, WR. Can slide in immediately as a starter. Excellent athlete with proven YAC ability. 6'0 with long arms, great burst and 40 inch vertical. Route running is pretty good but will need to get better. Fills Colts biggest need.

Pick 48- Trade. Ravens trade 60 and 92 for 48.

Pick 60- Ben Bartch, OT. Potential tackle of the future and immediate swing tackle backup for AC and Smith. Pick 75- Chase Claypool, WR/TE. Falls a bit due to better WR prospects but should be available somewhere in the 3rd regardless. Claypool will be a red zone and contested ball specialist in 2020, and hopefully grow into a more complete TE in 2021 and beyond.

Pick 79- John Simpson, Guard. Very good run blocker, physical and excellent size at 6'4, 321 lbs. Can move and get to the 2nd level. Will compete with and very likely replace Glow, giving us a good backup in Glow for the interior of the OL (or we can save by cutting him but who else are we going to add?).

Pick 92- Bryce Hall, CB. Excellent size as a 6'1 corner. Long arms and can compete with Tell for CB2 honors long term.

Pick 122- Lynn Bowden, WR. He's the 3rd WR in this draft but Claypool is a TE and Bowden is a jack of all trades. Here are his stats from last year: Rushed for 1,468 yards (185 carries, 7.9 per) and 13 touchdowns, receiving 30-348-11.6, 1 TD in his first 5 games before being asked to play QB! Otherwise he would have stronger receiving numbers. Also a great return man 25-539-21.6 kickoff returns; 5-146-29.9, two punt returns for TDs. He is a weapon that could run wildcat, line up in the backfield, line up in the slot and play special teams.

Pick 160- James Morgan, QB. May not be the QB of the future but has the size and arm to grow into something solid. Does not have great accuracy. Like Love, had better 2018 than 2019 but evidently due to injuries. This is just a dart throw and then seeing if Reich can do anything with him.

Pick 193- Antoine Brooks, S. Can compete to be Hooker's backup. Really good on ST's.

Pick 197- Best available depth piece

Through this draft, the biggest weakness at WR is addressed. Now the starting 3 WR's are quite good in Hilton, Aiyuk and Campbell. Pascal is still a solid #4 while Claypool can be used situationally (think Red Zone) and develop into a TE. Bowden is a gadget guy who could grow into a solid WR or just be a unique weapon (not exactly the same but similar to Hill in NO). Fountain will no doubt compete for a spot as well, but won't have to be counted on with the other options we have. If he develops, great, if not, oh well.

We have a cheap back up QB who can be groomed and at least be our #2. Hall gives us depth at CB this year (something we always need) and a long term piece to compete with Rock and Tell on the outside. Simpson gives us our best starting 5 ever (which is saying something) and allows Glow to be depth for the interior. I don't know how day 1 ready Bartch is, but he doesn't need to be. AC and Smith are very good tackles... he can learn and at worst be a good swing tackle and at best replace AC when he does retire. I would have liked to add a young pass rusher but after Houston, we have recent 2nd round picks Turray and Banogu plus Lewis who might get pushed out to DE with Buckner, Stewart, Autry and Day ahead of him at DT. We also have a young guy in Gerri Green who we drafted late last year and spent some with the Patsies and is now back plus Muhammad who is a solid rotational guy.

Bottom line, I feel like this addresses most needs now and in the future (except most likely future franchise QB). What say you?

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