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2020 Anthony Arena Memorial NFL Draft Guide final version released — Limited free copies available

Members of the Stampede Blue community have generously purchased multiple copies of the guide intended for others who want the guide but cannot justify the purchase. These selfless acts, made without a desire for recognition, are an excellent representation of the Stampede Blue community.

If you have been unable to purchase a guide but would enjoy reading one as we head into the draft, please email and I will be happy to send you a coupon code. Reminder — this giveaway is limited to those copies that have already been purchased.

The final version of the 2020 Anthony Arena Memorial NFL Draft Guide has launched. We want to thank the Stampede Blue and extended Colts community and all of those who actively shared the guide throughout this process.

I’d also like to personally thank every member of the writing team. It is difficult to express how much work goes into this each year and as with most projects like this, it is done more out of love for the game and to benefit the community than the promise of fame or fortune. This year has been particularly difficult because carving out time away from family when everyone has been stuck inside has been all the more challenging.

We welcome feedback for from those who have purchased the guide already. We may be sending out a survey this year as we did last year for feedback from those who prefer to respond directly. Thanks to those who have purchased additional copies to provide to those who cannot afford it. We know that folks are out of work and money is tight for many.

If you haven’t purchased this year’s guide, we hope that you will consider it as we enter draft week for just $4.99.

2020 Draft Guide Features

  • Previous draft analysis for each of Chris Ballard’s draft classes
  • Breakdowns on each team’s needs heading into the draft with each writer’s thoughts on the Colts’ needs
  • Individual scouting reports for at least 200 players (now analyzed by two scouts per position)
  • A new feature that will include scouting reports for current players on the Colts roster to use as a guide and comparison against prospects
  • A new grading rubric that better reflects valuable traits and specific positions
  • Return of a modified big board for all of our graded prospects
  • A return of the Colts prospects interest tracker identifying interviews and workouts
  • Stampede Blue conducted prospect interviews
  • Positional rankings
  • First round mocks drafts and Colts specific mock draft from each of our writers

If you are unsure, we welcome you to visit our landing page that will not only allow you to pre-order your copy but will also allow you to download a copy of last year’s guide for free.

Note that we also have setup a Patreon account for those who wish to support not just this effort but future feature content we hope to produce.


Thank you so much for your support and understanding. Go Colts.