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Caption Contest for a Free NFL Draft Guide

The NFL Draft is almost here and you must be sick and tired of seeing mock drafts, big boards and draft guide posts at this point! So, here’s a caption contest and the commenter with the best post (as judged by “recs” and the Stampede Blue staff) will win a free 2020 Anthony Arena Memorial NFL Draft Guide.

I wouldn’t be doing my civic duty if I didn’t mention that Stampede Blue has a draft guide for sale. If you’re not creative or funny in any sense, that’s ok... we don’t judge, so you can avoid bombing on a comment and just go straight to buying the guide. You can visit our landing page to purchase the guide for a mere $4.99!

Check out the nice photo above with Frank Reich and Philip Rivers, and think of your wittiest, best jokes.

You have until noon tomorrow to comment and make your posts, and then we’ll reach out to the winner immediately following the announcement.

Good luck!