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With the 41st pick the Colts select Jonathan Taylor, RB, Wisconsin

Rose Bowl Game presented by Northwestern Mutual - Oregon v Wisconsin Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

The Colts are off to a crazy night, starting with the pick of Michael Pittman Jr. to bolster their receiving corps and keeping it rolling on offense with a bit of a shocker, taking Wisconsin running back Jonathan Taylor at pick 41.

This one is a bit of a head scratcher, not just because taking a running back so high when they have several other positions of need is out of the ordinary. What is really puzzling is that it cost the Colts to get him, because they had to move up ahead of the Jaguars to make their pick.

Taylor is an electric player who at 5’10” 226lbs is an ideal size to be a lead back for a team that not only loves to run the ball, but has the offensive line to make it happen. He had three Big Ten rushing titles in his time with the Badgers, and hit 200 yards 12 times during his college days.

A patient one-cut runner with legitimate track speed when he hits the open field, Taylor gives the Colts another excellent runner to pair with Marlon Mack to really eat up opposing defenses on the ground. There is truly a lot to like about him as a runner and weapon on an offense that has the tools to help him succeed.

Unfortunately, it isn’t all roses for Taylor. He was extremely limited as a pass catching back, which will make predictability an issue at times, and he’ll need to prove he can grow in pass protection. Additionally, he had 15 fumbles in three seasons, and that won’t fly at the next level. The Colts have a great running backs coach in Tom Rathman who will hopefully be able to work with Taylor to improve him in those areas, but they are a concern.

Ultimately, there are serious questions about taking a running back this high in the draft when there are a multitude of better options available that meet needs the Colts have. While they weren’t a stellar backfield, the Colts running back group shouldn’t have been viewed as a weakness, and if this pick doesn’t work out, it will sting.

What are your thoughts?