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Stampede Radio: Talking With the Next Pick Episode 4, Michael Pittman Jr., and Ben Banogu

On the latest episode of Stampede Radio, the guys are still recovering from a long draft weekend and breaking down the Colts 2020 draft class. They kick the show off talking about the latest and final episode of the Colts’ draft series, “With the Next Pick.”

They go through each selection briefly and detail what the Colts had to say about them, both in their post-draft press conferences and on the With The Next Pick episode, and talk about their fits with the team and how they should improve the 2020 Colts.

Next, they talk about Zach Hicks’ film breakdown interview with Colts DE Ben Banogu.

Then they dig into Michael Pittman Jr. and talk about what exactly he brings to the roster after having gone deep on his college All-22, as well as how he’ll benefit the other offensive weapons on the team.

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