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2020 Anthony Arena Memorial NFL Draft Guide to Launch April 11th

With the NFL Draft still on schedule to occur, we are well on our way to adding a new class of Indianapolis Colts players to the fold for the 2020 season. As we have done for two prior years, we are releasing our 2020 edition of the Anthony Arena Memorial NFL Draft Guide.

This year we are dealing with some adversity in terms of the production of our guide, which we haven’t had to manage before. Like all of you, we are struggling with the “new normal” that is life under quarantine. COVID-19 has proven to be a major disruption to what we typically are able to do, and for many of us it has meant both an increase in workload, and a decrease in free time, since many of us now have kids more perpetually in our work space.

Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t necessarily complaining, those are realities everyone is dealing with now. However, those factors have contributed to a delayed release of our draft guide (Did you know there is a draft guide?). Because of those delays, we will be launching version 1.0 on Saturday April 11th.

Our staff has been working very hard since the Colts season came to an end to identify prospects who fit into Chris Ballard’s past draft behavior, those who fit inside the scheme on offense and defense, and those who make sense with the locker room culture that has come together over the last two seasons. We have again added features to the guide and have some interesting improvements in store for you that were not in previous guides. We hope that you will consider purchasing a copy to read and reference as we head into the 2020 NFL Draft for just $4.99.

2020 Draft Guide Features

  • Previous draft analysis for each of Chris Ballard’s draft classes
  • Breakdowns on each team’s needs heading into the draft with each writer’s thoughts on the Colts’ needs
  • Individual scouting reports for at least 200 players (now analyzed by two scouts per position)
  • A new feature that will include scouting reports for current players on the Colts roster to use as a guide and comparison against prospects
  • A new grading rubric that better reflects valuable traits and specific positions
  • A return of the Colts prospects interest tracker identifying interviews and workouts
  • Stampede Blue conducted prospect interviews
  • Positional rankings
  • First round mocks drafts and Colts specific mock draft from each of our writers

If you are unsure, we welcome you to visit our landing page that will not only allow you to pre-order your copy but will also allow you to download a copy of last year’s guide for free.

Note that we also have setup a Patreon account for those who wish to support not just this effort but future feature content we hope to produce.


Thank you so much for your support and understanding. Go Colts.