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Philip Rivers is a trash-talking Andrew Luck

NFL: DEC 29 Chargers at Chiefs Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

I get nostalgic just thinking about it, but we all remember the clips of Andrew Luck taking a big hit from an opposing player, then actually congratulating them about it. Well, we are now getting something quite different from that, but sort of a different side of the same coin.

It’s interesting to note that Rivers has similar mannerisms as Luck, but he actually talks trash to the opposing team instead of being nice to them. He is not a douche about it, but it seems like he certainly knows how to get into his opponents’ heads.

There he goes again, clearly trying to get into Ngakoue’s head. Where Luck would congratulate Ngakoue on such solid form, Rivers is celebrating a long (actually it was 89 yards) touchdown pass to Austin Ekeler right in Ngakoue’s face, who clearly does not appreciate it.

Now even though their styles might be different, this does not mean that Rivers is a punk, or a guy that does not give football the respect it deserves. Philip is one hell of a leader, and I certainly believe he has what it takes to become the ‘numero uno’ for this young Colts team.

All in all, it will be really fun to watch Philip Rivers leading this Colts team filled with interesting personalities and high character guys.