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Interview with Colts 6th Round Pick Jordan Glasgow

Jordan Glasglow joined me for a sit down interview.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 07 Army at Michigan

The Indianapolis Colts spent a 6th round draft pick on Michigan linebacker Jordan Glasgow. The Colts didn’t necessarily need another linebacker but they drafted Glasgow with an emphasis on his ability as a special teamer. In today’s piece, I sat down for a phone conversation with the newly drafted Colts’ player to get his feel for the Colts organization and what he could bring to this team.


6’0” 221 pounds

Senior Stats:

89 tackles, 7.0 tackles for a loss, 5.0 sacks, 1 pass deflection, and 1 fumble recovery

Athletic Score:

Didn’t Test



ZH: You were in one of the weirder draft processes in recent history with all the Covid-19 stuff happening. How was the whole process for you?

JG: It was definitely interesting being in the later rounds, not knowing if you are going to get picked or not. Obviously with everything that happened with the pandemic and everything you know I wouldn’t say it was a difficult process but it was just something you gotta work through in a way.

ZH: When did you get the feel throughout this draft process that the Colts may be a team that has some interest in you?

JG: I got a call from the Colts’ Special Teams Coordinator who I talked to obviously since I have been drafted and he showed a great interest in what I can do on special teams and I thought that would be my main selling point if I wanted to get drafted. I won’t say that they didn’t show interest in drafting me but they didn’t seem to show the most interest in me throughout the process. So I didn’t necessarily think they were going to pick me but I’m obviously very happy they picked me up in the sixth round and I’m happy to be a Colt.

ZH: A big part in drafting players is having a plan for them right out of the gate. Is that plan for you to be that special team’s ace or special teams player?

JG: They are hoping for me to be a core four special teams player and someone who can impact the game that way. They also see me as someone who could develop and could be used on defense in some way this year or in the coming years through continued development but the initial impact they see with me is on special teams.

ZH: Going back a bit to your days at Michigan, you went to a super talented program. Despite all that talent, you were able to show enough to get drafted. What was key to you in standing out at such a good program in Michigan?

JG: I went into that school as a 0 star guy with no D-1 offers or anything like that. You just set yourself apart with work ethic and with how you handle situations, especially early on. Going in there as an eighteen year old, a lot of people don’t have the maturity to handle all the situations a coach throws at you with the mentality to take it and get better. People are fairly weak minded as Freshmen when they first get there. You just have to be ready to get better and be ready to take every situation that you come across head on. Being at the bottom of the totem poll as a walk-on, you just have to change the coaches’ mind and do whatever it takes to do that. Playing special teams at first, I played really only special teams the first three years, was able to earn me the start in my fifth year and I was able to have an impact that way. No matter how much time it takes, it’s all about working to get there and not giving up.

ZH: Building off that, I saw you were the recipient of the Roger Zatkoff award and Blue Collar award this past year. What are those awards and what did it mean to you to receive them?

JG: It meant a lot to me. Both of my brothers came through Michigan and they both earned the best player at their position awards and they have their names up there in the practice facility next to our meeting rooms so it’ll be cool to see my name up there next to theirs. To earn the Blue Collar award which is voted on by our teammates just goes to show that people look at how you work and understand what it took to get to that point so that meant a lot to me.

ZH: The other thing I wanted to mention here about Michigan is all your academic achievements. You were a four-time All Academic Big-Ten honoree and also a Big-Ten Distinguished Scholar. Why were your academics so important to you?

JG: Initially I really didn’t think there was much of a chance for me to be where I am today. My parents have always drove into us, even though it hasn’t really worked out that way with my brothers in the NFL either, that you can’t always rely on football to make a living. So I really focused on that school perspective especially those first three or four years in college when I didn’t really think I would have an opportunity to play at the next level. School was always there for me when I was thinking about the next step after football and I’m grateful to have learned as much as I did at Michigan.

ZH: You are jumping to the Colts as a linebacker which may be their most loaded positional group on the roster. What do you bring to that group as a linebacker?

JG: Well I don’t have an in-depth understanding of what everyone brings just yet but at this moment the biggest thing I bring is my good attitude and a hard work ethic. I’m gonna bring the right mindset and I’m gonna come everyday ready to learn and ready to get better. I don’t know if I bring elite speed relative to the group, I know I don’t bring the best size in terms of being like 250 because that’s not me, but I’m gonna work hard and learn as much as I can and hopefully I can help the group as much as I can on game day.

ZH: Last question for you. What can we expect going forward from you and how excited are you to get out there on game day for this Colts’ team?

JG: I think Colts fans can expect me to make as big of an impact as I can on special teams, especially early on. I’m going to try and be up there and give as much effort as I can for the fans and this organization and for the people who believed in me all this time. Going forward I’m just going to keep improving and working and can’t wait to get out there and play for this team.