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Colts Have the Easiest Strength of Schedule for 2020

Carolina Panthers v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

According to CBS Sports’ Jared Dubin, the Indianapolis Colts are projected to have the NFL’s easiest schedule in 2020—with the weakest strength of schedule.

The Colts are followed by the Tennessee Titans though in ‘softest schedule’—meaning they won’t have too big of an advantage in conquering the AFC South (which is expected to be the worst division in the NFL with a projected combined winning percentage of 0.461) and padding their overall win total.

Those two rivals in the AFC South, the Colts and Titans, are also expected to benefit from playing the NFC North 4x this year, which is projected to be the NFC’s second worst division (behind the NFC East) with a projected combined winning percentage of 0.516.

The Colts also have four games against the AFC North (including the Cincinnati Bengals) and two games against the New York Jets and Las Vegas Raiders respectively.

While the Colts already know their opponents (and home/away), the NFL is expected to officially release both its preseason and regular season schedule later this week to unveil the “when”:

With their big offseason moves, the Colts are projected to rise up among the AFC rankings.

Helping matters is that the two other teams in the AFC South, the Jacksonville Jaguars (Calais Campbell trade) and Houston Texans (DeAndre Hopkins trade), made a series of head-scratching moves that should do more harm than good—at least in the immediate future for both teams.

Still, every season, there are always ‘lowly’ teams that surprise and ‘trendy’ teams that flop, so the Colts’ schedule could very well end up being tougher than the strength of schedule currently projects for 2020.