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Film Session Interview with Colts UDFA Kameron Cline

I sat down for a zoom session with Colts DT Kameron Cline.

South Dakota v Kansas State Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images

The 2020 NFL Draft has finally concluded as the NFL hits that dead period that it typically hits this time of year. This year is especially rough with everything revolving around COVID-19 and all the restrictions with that. To give you all some content and such to kill the time, I am starting a new video series for the site where I sit down with a Colts’ player for an interview or film session to pick their brain and really dive into their game.

Today I was joined by 2020 UDFA signee Kameron Cline from South Dakota. We broke down two of his plays against North Dakota State and talked about his pre-draft process.

In this Film Session interview, Cline and I talk about many topics such as:

  • The Pre-Draft process for him and how difficult it was with the COVID-19 outbreak
  • When the Colts started showing interest in him
  • Why he decided to sign with the Colts so quickly as a UDFA
  • The Colts having a plan for him for the future
  • When he started to focus on technique in his college career
  • Why his athleticism is going to help him in the NFL
  • What to expect from him this next season and his future with the Colts

Click the video below to watch the entire film session. Be sure to also subscribe to the YouTube channel where the video is posted to get alerts when videos like this post in the future!