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Colts Cast: Up or Down? A post free agency/NFL Draft look at the Colts 2020 defense

The Indianapolis Colts have new expectations after another offseason of re-tooling their roster under GM Chris Ballard. They’ve mades some offseason moves with a very popular trade, free agency, and have even added a few faces via the NFL Draft.

With such a mass of the unit no older than 25, and less than a handful of seasoned veterans sprinkled into the bunch, there’s still a lot we don’t know about how this group will grasp the 2020 season.

One thing is for sure, this group has a lot of potential, and a lot to prove.

Can safety Malik Hooker prove he warranted Chris Ballard’s very first, first-round draft pick? Will Rock Ya-Sin build on an up-and-down rookie season? Can Justin Houston go just one more year? How much of an impact does DeForest Buckner prove to be for the defensive line, and who will be working off of him to improve the offensive line as a whole? There’s a ton of fun things to look at in today’s show concerning this defense.

Today, in the second part of our positional breakdowns of the roster, we take a look at the Colts defense, it’s offseason additions, and the overall growth that may be expected out of Matt Eberflus and his bunch this season. Matt Danely will go through each individual group, take a look through offseason moves, and describe what he envisions for them this year.

Has the position improved, remained largely even, or have they declined — and which factors make it so? While we have a large amount of unknowns heading into the season with individual pieces this year, there’s a lot we do know, and that will make this defense one of the more interesting, and fun groups to watch in the conference in 2020.

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