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Film Session Interview with Colts Running Back Jonathan Williams

I sat down for a zoom session with Colts RB Jonathan Williams.

Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

The 2020 NFL Draft has finally concluded as the NFL hits that dead period that it typically hits this time of year. This year is especially rough with everything revolving around COVID-19 and all the restrictions with that. To give you all some content and such to kill the time, I am starting a new video series for the site where I sit down with a Colts’ player for an interview or film session to pick their brain and really dive into their game.

Today I was joined by Colts running back Jonathan Williams. Williams spent half of the 2018 season and all of the 2019 season on the Colts roster and was fairly productive when he played. He finished last season with 49 carries for 235 yards and 1 touchdown while starting just one game in place of Marlon Mack.

In this Film Session interview, Williams and I talk about many topics such as:

  • Tom Rathman and his philosophies as a coach
  • Important traits for a running back such as vision and finishing runs
  • The importance of setting up runs and manipulating blocks as a runner
  • The miscommunication on his long 3rd and 19 catch against the Jaguars
  • His first career start against the Texans
  • How a wrong read led to his first touchdown against the Texans
  • What he thinks of Indianapolis and the fans
  • A potential return down the line??

Click the video below to watch the entire film session. Be sure to also subscribe to the YouTube channel where the video is posted to get alerts when videos like this post in the future!