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Breaking News: NFL to Cut Pre-season from Four Games to Two

Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Breaking news, according to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, the NFL have decided to cut the pre-season from four games to two. The league will reportedly announce the move on Thursday with the two pre-season games being cut being Week 1 and Week 4.

According to Florio’s report there were to main driving factors behind the decision; road teams being unable to transport that many people and teams inability to have on-field practices sessions this offseason.

This means the Indianapolis Colts will only be playing two pre-seasons games this year in preparation for the upcoming season. The Colts were scheduled to play the Philadelphia Eagles in week one of the pre-season and the Cincinnati Bengals in week four to wrap up the pre-season. However, the Colts will now only play two games this pre-season against Washington and the Buffalo Bills.

One major point of pre-season is for rookies, undrafted guys and even some veterans to be able to show out in pre-season playing time and help fight for a roster spot, it seems like this year that opportunity will be cut in half and even harder.

The Colts have had a undrafted rookie make the initial roster to start the season for 21 years in a row, it appears this year it will be an uphill task for a undrafted rookie to make this happen this year due to limited playing opportunities.