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Legendary Colts offensive line coach Howard Mudd dead at 78

Indianapolis Colts v Detroit Lions Photo by Tom Pidgeon/Getty Images

On August 12, 2020 legendary player and coach, Howard Mudd passed away following a motorcycle accident he suffered two weeks ago.

Howard Mudd spent his professional life, one that spanned some 55 years, in the game of football. A two time all-pro and three time pro bowler with the San Francisco 49ers, Mudd was a great player who went on to become a great coach for multiple teams including the Indianapolis Colts during the most successful run in the teams history.

Mudd was a technique pioneer who found success coaching the likes of Tarik Glenn, Ryan Lilja, Jeff Saturday, Jake Scott, Ryan Diem, Rick Demulling, Adam Meadows, Steven McKinney, Dylan Gandy and Tony Ugoh. He elevated those around him, pushing them to accomplish all that they could in his zone blocking system.

In a recent article from SI, Frank Reich gave everyone an insight to what it was like to coach along side Howard Mudd:

“I remember going into his office one time, and he had pushed me around one too many times verbally. I just finally lashed back out at him. It was a good lashing for me. You guys know me, so you can imagine for me to get this worked up and to strike back verbally was a rare instance. I let him have it.”

True to his nature, Mudd was unfazed. In fact, he was impressed.

“After I was finished, he just started laughing and he said, ‘I love that. That’s what I love to see,’” Reich said, chuckling. “He was just an old ball coach.

Howard Mudd was as tough as they come and respected by everyone who knew the old ball coach. His time here might be over but the impact he had on the game and those that loved him will live on for decades to come.

Rest in peace, Coach.