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Colts Head Coach Frank Reich Week 1 Post-Game Conference Call

Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Indianapolis Colts head coach Frank Reich had his weekly conference call Monday with the media and gave several updates.

One of the biggest updates Reich gave was the injury status of starting running back Marlon Mack who went off injured in the first quarter of the game Sunday with an ankle injury. Reich confirmed the rumours surrounding Mack that he had torn his Achilles and will be out for the remainder of the season. It is a real shame for Mack to have this injury as he was coming off such a productive year, first 1,000 yard rushing year of his career, and was also trying to prove a point in a contract year. Having Mack injured for the season is a big knock but one that the Colts can afford due to the depth they have at the position.

Reich then went on to outline the plan at running back now that Mack the teams starter is injured for the season. He confirmed that rookie Jonathan Taylor will be the starting running back, with Nyheim Hines getting more snaps too on all downs and Wilkins being counted to step up and take on a bigger role. Taylor was great in his limited snaps Sunday and the Colts should find themselves lucky to have such a good next man up in place of the injured Mack.

The defense on Sunday took some major knocks on their performance. However, Reich believes the defense did their job to a certain degree mentioning that the defensive game plan worked, limiting the offense to only two 20 yard plays but that the defense didn’t force enough field goals instead they allowed touchdowns. Reich is confident in Matt Eberflus and his scheme. The Colts defense has seemingly always been a “bend don’t break” defense under Eberflus with reliance on the front four to create pressure and the coverage to be primarily zone. However, the defensive front didn’t create anywhere near enough pressure and the zone coverage was easily picked apart leading to the “bend don’t break” defense breaking on Sunday.