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Fantasy Football Sign-up Last Call

Indianapolis Colts Training Camp Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Good morning!

I’ve sent out around 30 invitations for people to sign up and play in our free fantasy football leagues.

For example, tonight at 8pm EST, one of our drafts is set to fire. Only 7 of 10 people that gave up their e-mail have accepted that invitation. I’ll give you until 6pm tonight to accept that invite, and I’ll need three e-mail addresses to replace them.

The three in question are:

  • ThrowtheRockMitch
  • Bama-Blue
  • LeroyStayClean

If you know these three personally, hit them up and point them to this article.

That’s how we’ll do every draft. I have another one this Friday at 8pm EST. Only 7 of 10 have accepted invites. I’ll give you until 6pm EST Friday and I’ll need three e-mails to replace them.

The three in question for Friday are:

  • Bluefireballs1985
  • Segway11
  • JGladish17

Listen, I have a metric ton going on outside of this and I still want to run as many leagues as I can. I apologize if I’ve left anyone out or let anyone down.

To facilitate that, I have a draft tonight, but can draft tomorrow (need 10) and could be talked into drafting Saturday (need 10). I have a draft Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday.

We aren’t having as many drafts as in the past because of what’s going on in the world, I’m guessing.

If you aren’t already part of a league, comment below if you can draft tomorrow or Saturday. If you can also draft tomorrow or Saturday, comment on that post your e-mail address.

Additionally, if you’re willing to be a fill-in tonight or Friday, comment that plus your e-mail address.

Good to go?