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Jared Bets the NFL Week 3

Minnesota Vikings v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Disclaimer: This is not gambling advice.

Every week during the NFL season, I’ll put out an article discussing the betting lines for each of the games, I’ll say a little blurb about the outcome and let you know how I’d bet it.

Week 1, we hit on well over half of our purported bets. In Week 2, we regressed as expected.

Here in Week 3, which starts out with quite possible the bottom of the barrel that the NFL has to offer. Let’s get to it.


Dolphins +3 vs. JAGUARS -3

As I just stated, these two teams should combine to win the least amount of games out of any other pair of teams in the entire NFL this season (and probably next season, who am I kidding?). That said, Vegas has this as a tight contest. I’d take the Jags because Minshew.

Sunday (Sunday SUNDAY!)

Raiders +5.5 vs. PATRIOTS -5.5

The Patriots aren’t going to lose to the undefeated Raiders at home, are they? I’m all for moving on from the dominant Patriots era. I just don’t believe in the Raiders at all. There will be no turning over of new leaves here!

Bears +3 vs. FALCONS -3

My gut says to take the Bears and ride the hot team, but come on. At some point, the Falcons have to stop getting unlucky and start winning these close games, right? I mean, Vegas has this as a tight contest and understandably so. It’s about time for Mitch to have a bad game, innit?

49ers -4 vs. GIANTS +4

Frankly, even without Jimmy G, I’d take the 49ers by a wide margin. This is more about organizational prowess than anything personal. The 49ers are better at a myriad of positions.

Bengals +5 vs. EAGLES -5

I keep saying that I think it’s Burrow Time. I like the kid, but the Eagles are on the cusp of being a playoff team, so while I think this is a close game, gimme the Iggles at home.

Texans +4 vs. STEELERS -4

I’d posture up like the Texans are really gonna go on the road and beat a relatively healthy and productive Steelers team in Heinz Field, but I’m afraid the Steelers are good this year.

Washington +7 vs. BROWNS -7

I’m not comfortable with this spread at all. I don’t think Washington will win and also, I don’t believe the Browns are a full touchdown better than them. I’ll take the Browns to squeak by. Again.

Rams +2 vs. BILLS -2

It’s pretty clear to me that Vegas likes the Rams. This is a tease of a spread if I’ve ever seen one. The Rams have star power for days. The Bills are a more complete team and I’m on Team Josh Allen. though. Bills by a TD.

Titans -2.5 vs. VIKINGS +2.5

While both of these teams were Playoff teams last year, I think their shared quarterback woes are holding their respective franchises back. I’ll take the Titans to get a big road win here.

Jets +10.5 vs. COLTS -10.5

I think that if you’re willing to bet that the Colts win by 2 TDs, then I want your confidence in them. Given their past and their relationship (a lot of former Colts pass through the Jets’ organization), I expect this to be a tight contest. I’ll take the Colts straight up even though I’m supposed to pick them to lose from now on so they’ll win, apparently.

Panthers +6.5 vs. CHARGERS -6.5

This is pretty straightforward for me. I think the Charger defense could carry a Herbert led offense to the Playoffs this season. The Panthers have lost a lot of talent and aren’t on the same path as the Chargers. I’ll take them by a TD.

Buccaneers -6 vs. BRONCOS +6

With Drew Lock injured, I have no faith in the Denver offense to pick up the slack. The Tampa defense is decent and we’ll have to see about TB12. Give me the Bay by a TD on the road.

Lions +5.5 vs. CARDINALS -5.5

The Lions are a sinking ship and there’s not another nice way to say it. The Cardinals, on the other hand, have been a pleasant surprise thus far. That said, I’ll take Arizona to straight up win at home.

Cowboys +5 vs. SEAHAWKS -5

I would love to be at this game because I think it will be great. I would also love to pick a road team to beat the Seahawks, but not while Pete and Russell are still running the show. I do expect a tight contest and will take Seattle to eek one out at home.

Packers +3.5 vs. SAINTS -3.5

This is arguably the NFC Championship preview game and yet another game this week I’d love to attend. Traditionally, I’d take the Saints to win at home, but at this point, I’m afraid the Packers are too much for them.


Chiefs +3.5 vs. RAVENS -3.5

What a fantastic week of football! Obviously, we had to start this week watching a joke of a game, but we get to finish with what absolutely appears to be the AFC Championship preview. I’ll take the Ravens to win a close game at home.

Who you got? What do I have wrong?