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Monday Morning Awards: Week 3 Vs. Jets

NFL: New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

As expected, the Colts dismantled a beleaguered Jets team. A team that not only has to deal with the horrible play-calling of Adam Gase, but also injuries to most of their offense. It seemed like Indy played at half-speed all game, and yet the Jets still never looked like a reasonable threat. On to the Bears.

MVP of the Game: Xavier Rhodes

#RhodesClosed was trending on Indiana during Sunday, and it was because Xavier Rhodes had himself a career game, getting a pick-six on the Jets’ first drive and then grabbing another interception in the red-zone. This is an encouraging performance for Rhodes, but you have to take into account the fact that he was facing receivers that probably would not even make the Colts practice squad, so take this with a grain of salt.

Dud of the Game (The Grigsy): Vacant

Final score was 36-7, no player truly deserves “The Grigsy” for this week. If I had to give it to someone, it would be Rodrigo “Clankenship”, who missed a 41-yarder right before half time off the right upright. But Hot Rod still made 6 of his 7 kicks, so it is not that bad.

Play of the Game: Xavier Rhodes pick-six

Rhodes’ interception was key to setting the tone of the game and already starting off with a lead. The Jets went on to score the following drive, but a pick-six on the first drive is the absolute best way to start off a game, and especially one you just can not lose.

Worst Play of the Game: Vacant

Again, final result was 36-7, not much went wrong, and there was not a play bad enough to warrant this award. The Jets’ only score came after Darnold bounced off at least two defensive linemen, but that was more of a great play by Darnold than a mistake of the defensive line.

Best Position Group: Secondary

The secondary faced the easiest challenge probably they have ever faced in their entire careers, but still, the unexpected can always happen in the NFL, and it seems like even more if the Colts are involved. Still, the secondary more than stepped up to the “challenge” and shut down the Jets’ receivers. I mean, they even outscored the entire New York offense. Here is a fun fact to start off your week, the Colts defense was responsible for the same amount of points (16), as both New York franchises on Sunday (9 Giants, 7 Jets).

Unsung Hero: Tavon Wilson

Watching a Colts’ jersey with the #31 and Wilson on the back does bring out some bad memories, but this is a different story. Tavon Wilson came in as veteran depth and was not supposed to see the field that much, but because of injuries he is playing meaningful snaps and he has been a pleasant surprise so far. On Sunday, he racked up 2 tackles for loss and a pass deflection.

Rookie of the Week: Jonathan Taylor

Not much flashes for the rookies this week, but Jonathan Taylor takes home the award once again mainly because of his goal line touchdown on 4th and goal that put the final nail in the Jets’ coffin. Taylor’s vision has been a concern so far, but he is a rookie and did not have a full training camp or preseason. He will get even better as the season progresses.