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Matchups to Watch: Week 17 vs. Jaguars

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s be honest, there is just no way that the Colts are going to lose this one. This would be the most embarrassing loss in the entirety of Indianapolis sports history. The Jaguars are by far the worst team in the NFL. They have lost 14 games in a row. They will be without their best player on offense in James Robinson and there will be no Gardner Minshew to post historical accuracy numbers.

Simply put, the Colts will beat Jacksonville as sure as the sun will shine today on a brand New Year, so there is no point in trying to analyze individual matchups that will be key to the outcome of this game, instead, we will go over the 4 games that will be far more important than this one.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns

The Steelers will rest their starters instead of trying to go for the #2 seed and try to secure a home game advantage in the first game of the playoffs. The Browns have just lost against the Jets, so they can pretty much lose against any team in the entire NFL, but with a playoff berth on the line, I doubt that Cleveland lays an egg on this one.

Buffalo Bills vs. Miami Dolphins

It remains to be seen whether the Bills will rest the starters or not against Miami. The Dolphins are coming off an incredible win against the Raiders helped by some absurd Fitzmagic and a dumb roughing the passer penalty on Oakland. The Dolphins’ offense has not been good this season, and will most likely struggle against the tough Bills’ front. If Buffalo plays Josh Allen and most of the starters, then I would say this game is perhaps the most favorable towards the Colts.

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Baltimore Ravens

After losing Joe Burrow the Bengals’ season was lost, but they have surprisingly strung together a couple of wins in a row led by some amazing performances by Ryan Finley. Again, I really doubt the Bengals can keep that magic going and get a win against the Ravens, but perhaps the defense is fired up and manages to contain LJ, while Finley plays to show he could be a starter elsewhere.

Houston Texans vs. Tennessee Titans

J.J. Watt gave a passionate speech about the current state of the Texans’ team, so perhaps that will light some fire in Houston’s players. With Deshaun Watson questionable because of a neck injury, I don’t see an outcome where the Colts are happy on this one, even if Deshaun manages to play.

Overall, of the 4 games that will decide the final outcome of the Colts season, I am confident in only one going our way, but one is all we need. If one of these 4 teams manages to get a dub, then the Colts team will surely be celebrating by the end of Sunday.