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Colts Cast: Castonzo announces retirement; Colts WC loss reaction; Evaluating Colts’ QB room in 2021

The Indianapolis Colts were able to draw Anthony Castonzo back for another year in 2020, but the 10-year veteran and former first round pick, has decided to hang it up after finishing the season on IR.

Castonzo has been one of the most durable LTs in the league throughout his career, and one of the most consistent as well. The Colts are certainly going to miss him, and this amps up the need to do something long-term at the position this offseason.

Additionally, we discuss the Colts’ Wild Card loss to the Buffalo Bills, and how the perception of Frank Reich’s play-calling is overblown. The Colts’ coach has been aggressive throughout his short tenure at the helm, but I’ll argue that his fourth-down call is exactly what the Colts, and we as fans, should have hoped he’d do in that very situation.

While understanding that Reich hasn’t always been great with all of his decisions, it certainly wasn’t the fourth-down call that was his blemish in this game.

We also cut to the chase on the Colts’ quarterback situation for the near, and long-term future at the position. What to do with Philip Rivers; Should Brissett be back?; What should our hopes be for Jacob Eason this offseason and in the very near future?