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Anatomy of a Play: Breaking down Jack Doyle’s touchdown against the Bills

How did Jack Doyle get so wide open?

NFL: AFC Wild Card Round-Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Trailing late in the fourth quarter against the Buffalo Bills in the wildcard round of the playoffs, veteran tight end Jack Doyle found himself wide open in the back of the endzone for a score that nearly brought the Colts back into the game. While the play didn’t lead to a victory, it is hard to not wonder just how Doyle got so wide open in the back of the endzone.

I did a bit of research into the designed play and found a route combination in a 2017 Eagles Training Camp playbook that I have that is very similar to what they ran on Saturday. The play is called “Gun Trey LT Flex ‘F’ Peel 3 Jet CH Rattler Pump.” What the Colts essentially do with this play is place Doyle in the ‘Z’ position which means I am giving this play call the shorthand name of “Doyle Out and Up.”

With that play design in mind, I break down why the call was able to fool the Bills on Saturday and lead to a wide-open touchdown for Indy. I also look at another time the Colts used this call to success in the past. Click the link below and listen to my in-depth breakdown of this play.