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Colts Have Now Been Picked as a Popular Trade Destination for Available Lions QB Matthew Stafford

Indianapolis Colts v Detroit Lions Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Detroit Lions franchise quarterback Matthew Stafford and the only professional organization he’s ever known have reportedly mutually agreed to part ways this offseason.

Having recently had veteran starting quarterback Philip Rivers retire earlier this week, and with a well-built, complete AFC contender ‘built to win now’, the Indianapolis Colts have now been picked as a popular trade destination for the former #1 overall pick and the Lions all-time leading franchise passer by many NFL mainstream media members.

Simply put, as stated two weeks ago, the potential pairing makes a whole lot of sense for both sides.

Here’s what popular national NFL ‘talking heads’ are currently saying regarding a Colts and Matthew Stafford professional football ‘marriage’ this offseason—sharing a similar sentiment: