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Jim Irsay on Quenton Nelson: ‘When You’re Coming to Play the Colts, You’re Coming to Play Big Q’

Indianapolis Colts v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

According to team owner Jim Irsay, when opposing NFL teams are facing the Indianapolis Colts, they know they’re coming to play ‘Big Q’—as in 3x NFL First-Team All-Pro offensive guard (and dominant interior blocking force) Quenton Nelson:

“When you’re coming to play us, you’re coming to play ‘The Big Q’, and he is the guy that represents us out there,” Irsay said during his end-of-season press conference on Wednesday. “And everyone on this roster knows, he is the alpha male holding it down now. That is a tough guy.”

“... As far as leadership, and the type of team guy he is, it’s off the charts. I mean he is why the Colts are a physical football team.”

Since becoming the 6th overall pick of the Colts in the 2018 NFL Draft, Nelson has almost instantly become the league’s best offensive guard—making unprecedented NFL history in the process for a young offensive lineman:

Something that team owner Jim Irsay has rightfully taken proper notice of—as Big Q’s a generational talent at the offensive guard position for his franchise:

“I hope people realize this happens realistically happens once or twice every 25 years.”

“... But Quenton, he is a generational player, that I’m sorry, I see [John] Hannah, and I see him. I mean in the last one hundred years, that’s how good Quenton is.”

“And his talents are just remarkable. I mean if he stays healthy, he may have fourteen All-Pro years in a row. I mean I don’t know what to tell you, he is something that we missed, we’ve had someone with his type of talent, Chris Hinton, who really is one of the most special talents to ever play the offensive line position. He played tackle. He played guard.”

And with Nelson’s ridiculous blocking stats like this, who couldn’t?

He’s the type of NFL superstar whose physicality, consistency, impeccable technique, raw strength, elite athleticism (especially for his sheer size), and lead-by-example leadership have worn off on all of his teammates since his arrival—as the Colts rough-and-tumble mauler in the trenches and the undisputed catalyst along their offensive line:

“But really, Quenton is such a leader, and we all look at him in that way. He’s such a big focus of what the Colts are about. We’re so lucky to have him, and it’s special to watch.”

Even if Irsay has to ‘brace for impact’ during the pair’s occasional pre-game handshakes on game days:

“Pregames I give him a big powerful handshake, viking handshake, I brace myself because he’s trying to be kind to me but he almost rag dolls because he’s so strong (chuckles). But, we love ‘The Big Q’ in Indy.”

Sorry boss, but Big Q is a handful for everyone.