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Colts’ Full Slate of 2021 Regular Season Opponents Unveiled—For Now

Indianapolis Colts v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

While the Indianapolis Colts have extended the team’s season, the franchise now knows who their full slate of opponents will be for the 2021 regular season—with 16 total games (although a 17 game season looms as a possibility):

Beyond the usual inter-divisional opponents of the AFC South (twice a piece), the Colts will square off against the members of the AFC East (their old division) and the NFC West.

The Colts will also host the Las Vegas Raiders at home and travel to the Baltimore Ravens.

Here’s what their 2021 opponents’ 2020 overall regular season records were respectively:


Titans (11-5)

Jaguars (1-15)

Texans (4-12)

Rams (10-6)

Seahawks (12-4)

Raiders (8-8)

Jets (2-14)

Patriots (7-9)


Titans (11-5)

Jaguars (1-15)

Texans (4-12)

Cardinals (8-8)

Bills (13-3)

Dolphins (10-6)

49ers (6-10)

Ravens (11-5)

While the dates and times have yet to be determined, the Colts already know who all of their opponents will be for next year’s season (pending a potential additional game)—even if they aren’t ready to turn the page on 2020-21 quite yet—with some meaningful January football still left to be played.