Who cares about culture

Who cares about building a culture when all we have to show is losing? We are becoming the pacers right before y’all eyes this shit sickening bro y’all act like we overreact why shouldn’t we? We pay damn good money to go to games and watch the team. We wait all year for the football season to start with hopes of what? Winning the division is y’all goal? What happened to wanting to win a super bowl? I thought Irsay said he want to win multiple Super Bowls? It’s looking like Reich even though I love him as a person is not the Big dog. He would be great to have on your staff but he’s not that guy. And Ballard hide behind patience and tempering expectations. Ballard know if he take a qb and the dude a bust his ass is out so he get low risk qbs where he won’t be the fall guy. Again this sickening even in a weak ass division the weakest in football by a country mile my beloved Colts are trash. It’s a losing culture that’s what kind of culture it is. They’ve turned into one of those teams that find ways to lose.

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