Get off the ledge Colts fans. I think we found our guy at QB.

The loss last night was certainly a bitter one. The Colts blew a huge lead in a game where their QB played like an MVP. Injuries played a huge role last night. It’s hard to beat a team like Baltimore when you’re playing practice squad guys at corner. But there were good signs last night. The makeshift O. line looked better, and more cohesive. Paris Campbell finally contributed a bit more. Cox put a couple of good games together. Granson contributed a bit. The three RB’s, Taylor, Mack, and Hines are as good as it gets in this league. Pittman continues to impress. Pascal always contributes some. On defense, Buckner and Leonard always show up.

Now I don’t know if the Colts will be able to overcome a 1 and 4 start, and make the playoffs this year. But I do think the teams future got brighter last night in Baltimore. Injuries hurt us this year. No arguing that. The team was however, good enough to go up 22 to 3 in the third quarter, in a hostile environment.

As far as Wentz goes, dare I say he looked like the 2017, Wentz last night. He went 25 of 35 for 402 yards, and two TD’s. His passer rating was 128.5. The yards and passer rating are career highs. That’s correct. Better than 2017. His 11.49 yards per attempt was also a career high. Reich wasn’t perfect last night. But, I did think he put Wentz into some favorable situations with his play calling. I have criticized Reich in the past. But he was good for Andrew Luck in 2018. He was good for Wentz in 2017. He appears to have rebuilt Wentz’s confidence in 2021. The latter wasn’t good in 2020.

Also, it’s not just one game with Wentz. He’s played well in most of the games this year. He’s also shown a willingness to play hurt. He played through a foot injury, and two ankle injuries. I do have some concerns on the hits that he takes leading to injuries. I also wish he’d vaccinate for the good of the team. But Wentz does seem to be on the right track, in terms of resurrecting his career. If that proves to be the case, then the Colts won’t mind not having that first round pick so much.

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