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NFL Power Rankings Week 6: Colts Back to Losing Ways

Indianapolis Colts v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

After grinding out their first win of the year, the Colts go back to their losing ways after being beaten in over time against the Ravens. The national media moved the Colts back down the power rankings board. A fourth loss on the season even after their first win looks to have further sunken the Colts season. Is this the Colts fans should be more used to expecting? Here is how the Colts stack up in the week 6 power rankings.

ESPN has the Colts at 25.

Pittman, the Colts’ second-round pick in 2020, has more than half the number of receptions (23) and receiving yards (279) in four games this season than he had in 13 games as a rookie. He leads the Colts in both of those categories while in his new role as the team’s No. 1 receiver. has the Colts at 24.

As the Ravens celebrated their stunning overtime win over the Colts, ESPN cut to a replay of Carson Wentz on the sideline reacting to the game-winning touchdown by Marquise “Hollywood” Brown moments earlier. Wentz anxiously rubbed his hand through his hair, clearly stunned by what had just transpired. A 25-9 fourth-quarter lead had turned into a 31-25 defeat. The biggest win of the season had morphed grotesquely into one of the most crushing defeats in recent franchise history. A collapse like this has many fathers: There were multiple breakdowns on special teams, while a gassed defense offered zero resistance against a rampaging Lamar Jackson. It was a game the Colts absolutely could not lose ... and yet, they did.

CBS Sports has the Colts at 24.

They blew a big lead in losing to the Ravens and might have blown their chances to win the division. The defense really let them down.

USA Today has the Colts at 23.

The Colts came out to play against the Ravens and didn’t over complicate things. Their complementary approach and opportunistic defense worked… until this team fell flat on their faces. Baltimore wanted it more in the end and Indy should be reeling after that 31-25 OT loss.

Bleacher Report has the Colts at 24.

The Indianapolis Colts are done. Finished, Toast.

For a minute, it appeared that wouldn’t be the case. The Colts put up a fight against the Baltimore Ravens and held a 16-point lead in the fourth quarter. Carson Wentz had his best game under center in forever, passing for 402 yards and two scores.

Indy was going to salvage the season and escape Charm City just one back of the Titans in the AFC South.

But a beat up and clearly exhausted Colts defense couldn’t slow the Ravens down in the fourth quarter—let alone stop them. The Ravens drove 70-plus yards on successive drives in the fourth quarter and capped those drives with two-point conversions to tie things up. The game was all but over as soon as Wentz got the overtime coin toss wrong.

Wentz’s play was a good sign for the Colts moving forward. A sign of optimism.

At least until you look at the team’s record and see just one win after five games.

Again…done. Finished. Toast.