A Few Marlon Mack Trade Ideas

So Mack wants to be dealt. I’m on record saying I don’t think we will get a boatload in return for him. I imagine a 5th based on what we’ve seen him do. Although I started to consider this as he’s looked pretty good. What if we could add on to Mack and think bigger by targeting a player Vs picks? Let’s not get too ridiculous, but here’s a few useful players we could target giving Mack and a pick.

Possibly/Probably Unrealistic Big Moves-

I say unrealistic as I’m not totally sure if we can afford it. There’s usually some cap gymnastics teams can play to free space. So while I’d love to hear someone tell me whether we could actually do this or not, I’m assuming for now there’s at least some way.

#1- Marcus Maye- S- Jets-

Say it’s not possible financially we can do this. All 3 of these guys I list will be FAs come this offseason. Maye the only one of the 3 at this point I could see getting tagged. So while I definitely see him as a target in the offseason. We could take the surefire route and get aggressive now. He wants to play for a competitor. Not sure how to take that for our chances. Yes, bad record. Although he’s young, the playoffs aren’t out of reach just yet, and in general may be sold on joining this defense after a Leonard phone call.

For us low key this could be a huge difference maker. This move would allow Khari to play a more natural 3rd Saftey role, give us another body that can cover, and leave CB as the only position left to spend any near future capitol on defensively. The idea would be to wrap him up for 3-4 years, and gain another star level player on the backend of this Defense. I do know we have like 56 mil with only a few guys to resign, so we should be able to afford this part no doubt. Just not sure if we can take on 10.6 mil this season. If so, with the relatively low leverage the Jets have here. I’d offer Mack and a 4th and think it’s reasonable. Tough to say though. In a perfect world make it Mack and a 2023 3rd if they’d take something 2 years out.

#2- Allen Robinson- WR- Bears-

Robinson is another guy on the tag, but he’s underperforming production wise to the point there’s no way he is retained. If we can take on his Cap figure somehow, or get the Bears to eat most. I think he’s still definitely worth trying in a new home. There’s a lot of funk going on in Chicago, and it’s almost probable instead of possible it’s not his fault. With them having David Montgomery banged up. They could use Mack, and really id only add on a 6th besides him, with the low leverage they hold. Whether by trade or eventual FA. Robinson could fit behind 2021 as well. Hilton is on the way out. I’d personally prefer we let Pascal walk this offseason if he’s gonna ask for 5 mil or so. So we’d be left with a Arob, Pittman, Campbell, Strachan core to work with for 3-4 years.

#3- Kyle Fuller- CB- Denver-

This one could make the most sense if not for Denver having a lot of RBs around already. So Mack may carry the least value here. Although Fuller hasn’t been good for them this season. It’s very likely they’d take a cheap deal for him if it helps their future rebuilding plans. If we could offer Mack head up, or only add a 6th. I think we should do it. Yea we need good CB play, but you’re not going to find that easily in a more sure manner. The hope would be, him coming to a simpler scheme for CBs making him fit, offering a career rehab opportunity. Similar to Xavier Rhodes. Should it play out that way. He’d serve as a nice solution for Rhodes likely leaving this offseason. At least age wise. It’s more up in the air with Fuller until we see otherwise, as some guys don’t make it to their 30s in the NFL. He can’t be worse than Chesley, so why not?

More Realistic Straightforward Deals-

Any deal netting players is still unlikley though. We could afford these contracts no doubt though.

#1- Deandre Baker- CB- KC-

This is the most realistic scenario I could see play out. This is a natural you scratch my back and I will scratch yours. KC needs RB after placing CEH on IR. Heck, in some ways, Mack may bring something to them they’ve lacked as CEH hasn’t lit the world on fire exactly. Baker has only appeared in 3 games so far this year, so they could probably let him go. Baker is the former 1st round pick that started all 16 games for the Giants in 2019. He missed 2020 due to an arrest and charges that have since been dropped.

Talk about a home run fit. We need bodies at CB bad. Toss in the fact that he has the upside to catch on here a as a future starter, and this one is a needs to happen type thing if possible. Ballard has always said he’d take a character chance if it fit once ready, and more recently said we are now ready for that if it popped up. Here’s that chance. I imagine he’s still not peak football shape, but the Baker I recall coming out would really have a shot to lockdown a job here long term.

#2- Denzel Mims- WR- NY Jets-

Word is they are getting offers and not interested in trading him, although he’s been a healthy scratch this season til just recently. He flashed last season, got raving reviews in camp, and was already a top prospect in my eyes when coming out originally. He’s big, fast, and dangerous downfield. Would they hang up on Marlon Mack, and a 5th? Would we take a counter of Mack and a 4th? Mims himself was a 2nd rounder last season for reference, who netted 357 yards on 23 receptions as a rookie. Mims would immeadiatly give opposing DCs an extra wrinkle to plan for in our scheme. In general a great target for screen snaps too. I would be one happy fan if we could make this happen. He and Pittman are both guys I really believe in for the future.

#3- Noah Igbinoghene- CB- Miami-

This one makes me feel more uncomfortable than any of the other ideas floated. Possible id rather just take the future draft pick we ultimately are likely destined for in return for Mack. Although, there is something to be said for physical talent mattering at certain spots in the NFL. Noah was a 1st round pick in 2020, and got buried on the depth chart when the Dolphins signed Byron Jones. I must add he was awful as a rookie, but hey, plenty of guys are, especially at his position. It’s possible he’s somewhat improved already, and now could benifit from seeing the field again. We offer that opportunity here. I thought he was way over drafted so by no means do I think it pans out for sure. Again though. It can’t get worse than Chesley. We have every reason in the world to at least try this. I’d offer Mack straight up.

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