Saving this season after a devastating loss

Monday night was brutal, that loss summed up the Colts season so far quite nicely. They play brilliantly in stretches, but they also have the capacity to shoot themselves in the foot. All this said, there are twelve games to play…and the AFC South isn’t exactly a murderer’s row. The Colts can (and still should) contend for a playoff birth.

As of right now, the Colts are 1-4; with the Texans, 49ers, Titans, Jets, and Jaguars coming up. Four out of five of those games are at home. To salvage this season, the Colts need to win at least 4 out of 5 to get back in this race. It’s very doable. The goal for the short term needs to be focused on getting to .500. To do this, Carson Wentz and Jonathan Taylor (and the rest of the Colts offense) are going to need to carry this team. Similar to the early Manning years, this defense is very sketchy. It does not have the player personnel to run the scheme effectively. But after seeing their performance on Monday night, against an extremely aggressive Ravens defense, I think they can do it. With Pryor and Reed stabilizing the line, I think there’s a good chance this offense continues to hum.

The first place to start is against Houston. I want to see the Colts come out angry. Run the damn ball. The linemen need to be pancaking their run assignments. Use the run to open up the passing lanes. The Colts need to get up a few touchdowns, and then put on the gas. Run up the score. Make a statement. Winning by a field goal or touchdown isn’t enough on Sunday, they need to put a beat down on the Texans. Do that, and they can start to right this ship.

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