We tried to tell you

So the Colts are 1-4 and the world is falling apart. I'm not really going to make this an "I told you so" article but there were those who did say this Colts team is a good team not a great team. Some people were decent and argued, some resorted to bullying. I encourage everyone in every walk of life to always give an honest thought to others opinions and really try to understand, you may still disagree but at least you've gained a measure of empathy.

All that aside. Things still haven't gone exactly how I thought. The O-line not being as good wasn't a surprised and we all see the reasons why. The O-line not being healthy shouldn't really be that big of a shock to anyone. We've been pretty healthy so it was bound to get us at some point. Then you also add in the regression at LT and messy pockets and you've got more opportunity for injury. The defense also isn't a surprised. We got worse on defense with the players we let go and the lack of players we brought in. Expecting even a healthy Paye to be the same as Justin Houston day 1 isn't reasonable. I'm not bashing the pick at all, I think he will be a very good player but it takes some time. However, the biggest impact has been the lack of running game from the offense. The defense was able to hide behind limited possessions and beating up on really bad teams. When we played good teams they marched down the field, but a lot of times we made them kick field goals or got a turnover (way more than we should expect). Did anyone really have confidence in the final 2 minutes of a game that nearly any team couldn't drive down and get a field goal on us? I sure didn't last year and don't this year either.

Now to the surprising things. I said I wasn't surprised we aren't healthy at the O-line...but I also didn't think it would hit this fast and this wide spread. Smith and Nelson are missing significant time, Fisher isn't healthy yet, and even Kelly is dinged up. We're only in week 5.

Wentz is doing better than I expected. I won't run from it, I was a Winston guy (still think it was a better option) but Wentz hasn't been the disaster I expected. He does hold the ball too long at times, but he has shown he can make some good throws and can drive the team down. He does have to get quicker in the red zone and needs to check out of blitzes better, but as long as I don't think about the $25 million and a 1st and 3rd rounder, I can live with him at QB.

We're not getting anything from our draft class. Paye's hurt so that is what it is and Dayo wasn't expected back yet. Davis not even making the team was a tough pill to swallow. There were some good players still out there that could have helped us. Granson at least made a couple plays last week but before that has been invisible, maybe he will come good at some point, but I'm not holding my breath for this year. Strachan and Fries are late round picks and while they have some potential, there's not a big expectation for them to contribute, although in Strachan's case, he's not exactly a young rookie, Patmon is younger. Ehlinger I still maintain was a bad pick, this smelled and still smells like trying to prove being a great drafter. Regardless, he was never going to contribute this year in any scenario.

All that set the Colts are on pace for the 9-8 that I projected. I think it'll be tough now seeing that some of the teams are better than expected, but there's still plenty of opportunity. The Texans and Jags have to be at least 3 wins (should be 4). We've got a chance to catch a very injured 49er's team, the Jets are still out there, the Patriots still aren't a great team and have a rookie QB, although he's pretty accurate which is kryptonite for us, and a Raiders team that's going downhill fast. That's potentially 9 and I have to think we'll pull a surprise on somebody and make up for us losing one to the Jags or Texans.

Keep hope, all is not lost. It's a good team that hit a rough schedule and injury problems, but lets keep thing in perspective. Calling out areas for improvements or poor decisions doesn't mean we don't hope, it just means we want what's best for the team. I truly believe all the Colts fans want that who are on here, so please try to keep that in mind when having conversations with others.

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