Do we REALLY want to trade Mack?

So I've seen a lot of people coming up with trade ideas for Marlon Mack. The colts want to get rid of him because they want most of the carries to go to Jonathan Taylor and won't be able to run the ball with Mack a lot if Taylor's getting 20 carries and Nyheim Hines gets 10. While I do believe Taylor, Hines, and Wilkins all have a lot of talent, (may have listed the RBs from best to worst) Marlon Mack has still been playing nice as well. I mean, he did average around 9 yards a carry vs the Ravens. (Somewhere around there, I don't have the stat sheet on me) While that wasn't off of many carries, when Taylor got a decent amount of carries, he averaged 3.5 yards. I do believe that Jonathan Taylor is our long-term running back, but keeping Marlon Mack for another year or two certainly wouldn't hurt if a RB were to get injured (Knock on wood).

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