Way-too-early mock draft/offseason hot take

I think Frank Reich should be fired. While I’ve seen some on this site call for him to be fired after the loss to the Ravens or after we are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, I know the Colts will likely do so after the season just as they did with Chuck Pagano. While the biggest culprit of Monday’s loss was having practice squad corners, he also chose to have Carson Wentz dive up the middle into the scrum (good use of an injury prone QB) to "make it easier on the kicker", the same kicker who he reported had an injury to the point where our punter trying a field goal seemed like a better idea. Reich has a tendency to out coach himself by doing things like abandoning the run against Pittsburgh last season, going for it on 4th down deep in the red zone rather taking an easy field goal, going for field goals when the offense had the momentum, etc.

Anyway, at the rate the Colts are going, it won’t be long before they are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. Once that happens, I think the Colts should bench Carson Wentz. I wouldn’t normally call for something like this as I think we have found our starting QB but I have a few reasons:

1. The trade that brought him here: Again, with how the Colts are losing, they will most certainly have a top 10 draft pick. If Wentz plays at least 70% of the offensive snaps, our first round pick goes to the Eagles. It would be the definition of incompetence to just chuck a top 10 pick to the Eagles by playing Wentz later in the season when we are missing the playoffs.

2. Wentz’s injury history: With the likely situation being the Colts missing the playoffs, why would it make any sense to put Carson Wentz into what will be meaningless games later in the season? While some will say that we need to be competitive to the bitter end, what will that achieve if Wentz gets injured and/or we have to give our top pick to the Eagles?

This brings me to

3. What we can do with a top 10 pick: To put it bluntly, CB is our top need and it’s not even close. Every big name WR1 has gone off against our corners (Lockette/Metcalf, Kupp, Brown, etc.). A top 10 pick puts us in position to draft whoever the top CB prospect is in the next draft and potentially have a corner who can at least make it difficult for opposing WR1s

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