Injuries are messing up more than just this year.

It has certainly sucked watching player after player go down with an injury. We really have no clue about what we can accomplish, without getting at least 80% of the starters on the field. That's bad enough in itself, but we have players who turn in to real question marks in the next year or two.

Fisher is on a 1 year contract and hasn't given us much of a reason to pursue a 2nd. But, if his injury makes him affordable next year, do you hope for the bounce back and give him a decent contract?

Glowinski has been a nice find over the last 3 years, but Nelson's injury has opened a door for Reed, who might be able to occupy Glow's position for less money.

TY and Campbell would each have a hard time gaining another contract, based on injury history.

Rhodes is on another one year contract and a year older, along with missing some time.

Turay? All I can type when I think about him is the question mark.

Lewis may end up getting the best contract, if he gets a full season under his belt. The fact that he has not been hurt this year (knocking frantically on wood), has helped his case as much as his play.

Going into 2023, Nelson has now shown to be mortal and you have to wonder if the bad back contributes to the other injuries. I know we over compensate in some ways, when we are not fully healthy in others.

Rock has had enough issues with play, that adding injury concerns would make it hard to give him much of a contract.

Willis is looking for his first full season as well.

Trying to replace everyone on this list would definitely hurt the depth, but signing someone who doesn't play to a long-term contract, hurts as much or more. Maybe it will become more clear moving forward, but man, I see a whole lot of "Ifs" to be figured out over the next couple of years.

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