Titans at Colts Preview and Prediction

Much like the Baltimore game, the Colts get a chance to beat an above-.500 team

Titans Offense: The Colts run defense got gashed by San Francisco’s misdirection plays on Sunday but now they will get another chance to stop the Derrick Henry halfback dive. In the first matchup, Henry had a field day on the Colts even with both Julio Jones and AJ Brown out with injuries. However, this past Sunday proved that even with Henry not going over the century mark, the Titans offense is a tough one to stop. The Chiefs tried putting 8 men in the box but that left the aforementioned receivers in 1-on-1 matchups downfield that Ryan Tannehill connected with for big plays. Henry even threw a TD pass after faking his patented HB dive as it sucked defenders towards the line of scrimmage. While the Colts have had a nice couple of games on defense, a shaky secondary with Julian Blackmon out for the year will likely give up a few big plays

Colts Offense: On the other hand, the Colts offense has played better than they did in the first matchup with Tennessee. Carson Wentz is more recovered from his ankle injuries, Jonathan Taylor is playing up to expectations, and Michael Pittman Jr is emerging as a top target. The only way the Colts can make this interesting is to establish their own ground game and attempt to win the time of possession battle. The only other Achilles heel to the offense is turnovers. Wentz tends to make ridiculous flip passes that go to defenders more often than teammates so the Colts must eliminate those to stay in this one.

Prediction: I hope the Colts win but I tend to make these predictions based on who has played better football. The Titans lost to Arizona in a game where Taylor Lewan uncharacteristically gave up several sacks and lost to the Jets but since then have looked unbeatable. The Colts’ wins have come against 3 of the weakest teams in the league. I think the Colts will play better than they did in the first matchup but I’ll predict the Titans in a close one

Score: Titans 28, Colts 27

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