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Colts Monday Morning Awards: Week 7 @49ers

Indianapolis Colts v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

MVP of the Game: Michael Pittman Jr./Jonathan Taylor

The 2020 NFL Draft second-round duo have been the most impressive playmakers in this Colts’ offense so far. Pittman showed once again he is the undisputed number one receiver, catching his 4 targets for 105 yards and the game-sealing touchdown while also drawing 2 massive pass interference penalties. Running back Jonathan Taylor had a rough start to the game, losing a fumble on his very first carry, but went on to recover and post yet another 100+ rushing game and added a score. Taylor now has at least a touchdown and over 100 scrimmage yards in the last 4 games.

Dud of the Game (The Grigsy): Eric Fisher

Eric Fisher was starting to look better after making a return from his Achilles injury, but that was undone after a terrible showing against Nick Bosa. Sure, Bosa is one of the best edge rushers in the NFL, and it was never going to be an easy matchup for Fisher, but he was just so laughably bad that the Colts have to at least start considering different options at the position. Perhaps it’s time to try out Pryor at left tackle once Braden Smith returns?

Best Play of the Game: Michael Pittman’s touchdown catch to seal the game

What a play by MPJ. I can’t remember the last time I was so hyped after a catch like this one. On 3rd and 10, up by just 5, this was massive by Pittman. Had he failed, the Colts would face a 47-yard field goal to go up by 8, leaving the Niners in the game. Instead, Pittman came up with the SC Top 10 play to seal the deal, and perhaps to start getting some recognition for how well he has been playing.

Worst Play of the Game: Carson Wentz’ fumble in the RedZone

After watching the replay a couple of times I understand what Wentz was trying to do, as Pascal was wide open. It seemed like he did not get to see Bosa closing in behind him and the Niners defender in front of him managed to get a hand on him, causing the fumble. The play was particularly bad because the Colts were in a 2nd and goal situtation, down 7-12 at the time of the fumble.

Best Position Group: Vacant

No position group truly stood out yesterday, as Hines/Mack were bad. The only receiver that made an impact was Pittman Jr. No tight end other than MAC got a catch. The offensive line had their fair share of bad plays. The defensive line was spotty. Okereke did not have a good game. The secondary failed to cover Deebo Samuel at all.

Unsung Hero: Matt Pryor

Finally, the Colts found a serviceable backup tackle, as Pryor has been solid this year. Once Smith returns, the question has to be posed: Do you bench Fisher and play either Pryor or Smith at left tackle?

Rookie of the Week: Kwity Paye

Paye was solid in the run game and got the pressure that resulted in the Jimmy Garoppolo fumble that Paye recovered. Overall, a decent game for the rookie, who looks better by the week.