1. Colts need safety help. What is the status of TJ Carrie on IR, he could be just what the Colts need

2. The Colts might have something in Rogers. Reminds me a little of Kenny Moore in his 2nd year. While raw Chelsey also is around the ball and has speed. Would be interested in what they have in Wilcox from BYU if Ya-Sin is still out

3. Paye is not putting up a bunch of stats but he is a major contributor, especially with a hamstring

4. Not sure if Reed is not playing the best on the OL right now. Pryor is also solid, big improvement from Davenport, but will be tested by Landry/Autry

5. Wonder how Coutee would do with Dulin's targets? Dulin is a special teams keeper however. Patman looked like a starter in pre season

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