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Week 8 Post Game Wrap

Say Goodbye to that AFC South banner

Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

I’ll lead by apologizing for the longest video I’ve made as part of this gig as the post game wrap video content creator for this site. I try to keep it under 10 minutes out of habit and for over four years now, I’ve done that. Today isn’t that day and this isn’t that video. The Colts lost the most important regular season game on their schedule today and are now 3-5. They’ll need to basically win out to get to the Wild Card and mortgaged the future of their franchise to take ZERO steps forward (except for when Wentz extends the play outside the pocket and delivers a downfield strike). Their best potential outcome is right back in the Wild Card? In exchange for 1/6 of their payroll and next year’s 1st round pick? Nah, sign me up for a rookie quarterback. I’d rather watch Sam Ehlinger surrounded by talent and supported in his role than this dumpster fire.

I’m reminded of that image of Watson and Watt walking off the field where Watt says “I’m sorry we wasted one of your years”.

This is a wasted year and there’s a lot of wasted money, draft picks and a lack of depth on this team that will cripple its potential until that’s addressed directly. It’s really hard to address your lack of depth when you feel compelled to bet your future on a turd that refuses to get vaccinated and has to don a mask in order to shake your hand after he loses to you for the second time in a season on his home field. Man, I’d just go get vaccinated so there’s a chance I can keep playing in this league after the organization gives up on Reich for failing to grow into his role four years in.

In fact, I’d trade Wentz for Watson and do anything to make it happen. Watch Watson’s career last longer and be more productive than Wentz’s and he’s sitting out right now.

F*ck it, at least put a winner at quarterback that makes plays in crunch time instead of staring guys down and turning the ball over for the chance at winning the Division in an offense you claimed you were super familiar with before my team spent all that money on you, you know? Taylor (go figure, right?) was wide open on that last interception. Shout out Zach Hicks for spotting that first.

Podcast Wednesday. I’ve obviously got a lot to say. How do you feel right now? Everyone except Brian. I already know how you feel and don’t care. Leave me alone. It’s creepy.