Observations vs Titans

1. Can't watch the replay of the Byard interception, Taylor was open for perhaps a score but was missed.

2. I remember in Elway's rookie year him throwing a screen at the 1 and the Bears intercepting for a TD, also Theisman vs Raiders in Super Bowl. My point, Wentz is a vet and that was one of the worst plays I have ever seen. That being said he can learn and recover.

3. TY looks done, or at the least not healthy. He was Grigson's best draft pick and 3rd best receiver (behind Harrison and Reggie) of the Colts Indy era. A huge mistake not activating Coutee for the game. Dulin is a fine gunner but reminds me of Aaron Bailey as a receiver. Tarik Black is another name on the practice squad if Patman is not ready. Straghn would also have helped

4. Is Evan Engram available? TE's could not get open

5. Braden Smith looked good but perhaps needs to be used as LT with Pryor moving back to right. Fisher either is not healthy or done

6. I understand the clamor for the two point conversion attempt. Tennessee has better players on the field than the Colts. Shame about the Henry injury, Titans and Dallas looked like a SB matchup

7. Is Kyle Fuller available? Rhoades and Ya-Sin look like backups.

8. Look out for the Jets game, no gimmee. They are hungry and Wentz can't hang his head

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