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Monday Morning Awards: Week 8 vs. Titans

Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

MVP of the Game: Michael Pittman Jr.

Further establishing himself as a legitimate #1 receiver, and I would even argue among the top 15 receivers in the NFL right now, MPJ showed up big time in the most important game of the season. He finished the game with 10 catches for 86 yards and two touchdowns. Pittman has become a reliable receiver in the red zone, he has some explosiveness after the catch, and over the past weeks, he has been showcasing his impressive jump-ball ability. MPJ has star potential.

Dud of the Game (The Grigsy): Carson Wentz/Frank Reich

It sucks to put Wentz here, because other than 4 really bad plays, he was solid throughout the game. He earned this award because his mistakes cost the Colts the game, and most likely the division. Also, throwing for 231 yards on 51 pass attempts is simply inexcusable.

Reich also started the game really well, before shooting himself in the foot. It seems like he is always looking to outsmart everyone when sometimes the obvious thing to do is so obvious for a reason. The fact that Carson Wentz had 17 pass attempts in the 4th quarter and overtime, while Jonathan Taylor got just 4 carries, with two of your best 3 receivers out, and the backups not performing at all, is something that Reich will definitely have to answer for. Giving him that 4-year extension does not seem like such a good move now...

Best Play of the Game: Pittman’s 38-yard catch on 3rd and 16

What a play. Credit also to Carson Wentz for avoiding the sack and managing to keep the play alive, but most credit goes to MPJ for catching the ball between what seemed like the entire Titans secondary to keep the final drive alive. Had the Colts managed to win, this would have been a play for history. Instead, it will most likely be forgotten.

Worst Play of the Game: Wentz’ two interceptions

The first interception’s blame is to be shared between Reich and Wentz. Calling a screen play so close to your endzone is just stupid, and even Frank admitted that was a mistake (getting really tired of Frank’s mistakes costing us wins). However, Wentz has to quickly recognize the broken play and get rid of the ball at Mo Alie-Cox’s feet.

The second one will hurt my memory for years to come. First down, no need to force anything, Michael Pittman Jr. was TRIPLE-covered, while Jonathan Taylor was wide open, with plenty of room to run. A field goal wins you the game. Just a terrible, terrible play by Wentz, in the most crucial time of the season. (My apologies for making you have to watch that play again.)

Best Position Group: Offensive Line

It was the first time that the offensive line was playing all 5 starters this season, and it definitely looked like it. Save a couple holding flags (not counting the weak call on Reed), the offensive line had an impeccable game against a really tough front 7, giving Wentz time to throw and opening lanes in the running game.

Unsung Hero: Michael Badgley

Badgley continued his perfect streak since joining the Colts replacing the injured Rodrigo Blankenship. Sure, no kick was beyond the 40-yard line, but the extra point after the touchdown to put the Colts down just one was perhaps the most important kick of his career, and he nailed it.

Rookie of the Week: Vacant

No rookie made enough of an impact to earn the award.