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Colts’ Coach Frank Reich Calls Running Back Jonathan Taylor ‘One of the Best Players in the League’

New York Jets v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

During an afternoon presser with Colts’ head coach Frank Reich, he shared his thoughts on many different topics surrounding the team.

When I asked Reich about Taylor’s role within the offense and how much of an impact he can have during a game, the 4th-year head coach spoke extremely highly of his second-year back.

“I think Jonathan is one of the best players in the league,” Reich said. “We’re always trying to get him the ball.”

Taylor is currently 2nd in the NFL in total rushing yards with 821 and has yet to have a game where he’s received 20 or more touches. That not only speaks to Reich’s play-calling but to Taylor’s ability to make the most out of every carry as well.

While Reich understands how gifted and unique of a player that Taylor is, he also emphasized the importance of getting the teams’ star back involved in the appropriate situations.

“I do think there’s a fine line,” Reich said. “It’s not just as easy as say, hey, hand it to him. We’re trying to put him in the best position; be effective with his runs. We’re playing good teams. We’ve gotta mix it up — run and pass.”

Reich also spoke to the uniqueness of Taylor and the level of confidence he gives the entire offense on a weekly basis.

“It’s not a 1-man show, but he is a unique talent, and he gives us all a lot of confidence,” Reich said. “There’s two things he can do: he can make people miss in space, and then when he does break through, he can take it to the house.”

Part of what makes Taylor so unique is his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield, which is something he rarely did during his time at Wisconsin.

Reich spoke on the importance of getting Taylor involved in the passing game, while also mentioning that it speaks to the mentality of the team when their star back can accomplish what he so far this season.

“We’re not only trying to hand it to him, but we’re trying to get him involved in the passing game and get him some touches and some yards there as well,” Reich said. “That being said, I do think there is something more powerful, if you will, about getting him rushing attempts than there is pass receptions.”

“He’s a powerhouse runner, Reich continued, and it just says something about the mentality of your team when you’re able to give it to your back and have him do what he’s doing right now.”

Given the pace Taylor is currently on and how he’s implemented into the Colts’ offense each week, he could very well lead the NFL in rushing yards in just his second season as a starter.