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Betting Against the Spread Week 10

Our Parlay Hit Week 9! Did you?

New York Jets v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

If you hadn’t realized by now, before every article I write about sports betting or gambling, I’m going to warn you against doing so because the odds are not in your favor unless you take a great deal of risk. Basically, betting on a single outcome isn’t great odds and your profit margins are nil. When the odds aren’t good, the behavior can become destructive because even if you win, there’s no joy in recouping your bet plus a cab fare unless that cab fare has to become Ramen noodles, and then here we are back to “why gamble in the first place?”

Last week, we hit our first parlay of the season! We went 5-0! A bet of $100 would have won more than $1,200! That’s a great payout! We are having a great year betting on games, too! We are regularly correct over 70% of the time.

This week’s lines are from Draftkings, and a cursory glance leaves me wanting to do more research because I think this is the slaughter week, or basically a bunch of big underdogs are about to get spanked, methinks.

I’ll come right out and say it. The only underdog I’m betting on is the Browns +2.5 on the road against the Patriots and that’s shaky at best. Who knows who shows up for the Browns this week?

The only other underdog I’m even remotely comfortable betting on are the Falcons +8 on the road against the Cowboys. I think there’s a possibility that’s a closer game than 8 points, sure.

I see a lot of blowouts this week and it starts on Thursday Night Football. I absolutely believe the Ravens -7 are going to breeze right by the Dolphins in Miami.

Going back through, I could absolutely see the Buccaneers -9.5, the Colts -11, the Bills -11, Steelers -8 and Cardinals -10.5 all covering the spread. Look back at any article I’ve written. I never tout blowouts like this. Just saying!

Everyone that reads this needs to say a little prayer for Mateo, my podcast partner and a dedicated writer here at Stampede Blue. He’s been studying really hard and had a final last night, letting us postpone our show a day or two and let me get in bed early and then up early to write this article for you.

Enjoy the games this week!