Dodged Bullets and Last Hurrahs?

If you had a dime for every name associated as the short or long term answer at QB for the Colts, since No Luck, you'd have at least a dollar and maybe closer to $2.

Were any of them really viable options?

As one of the staunchest defenders of JB7, it is not difficult for me to say that he was not the answer. Great insurance policy, good locker room presence, but not a SB level guy.

Sam Darnold looked like an option that was a good bit cheaper than Wentz. Well, being down here in Panther country, the thought is that the 2nd round price was way too much.

Jameis Winston was playing "okay" at best, while leaning hard on Kamara, before his season ending injury.

Andy Dalton has been supplanted by Fields.

Marcus Marriota may have found his best role with a clipboard.

Cam Newton is back with the Panthers and may actually get a shot at a resurrection, but how many of you believe he can get anywhere near his MVP season?

Nick Foles is getting money for nothin.

Mitch Trubisky may be learning something, but who knows?

Flacco is the 3rd stringer, behind Wilson and White.

Minshew was behind Flacco in Philly, before Flacco was moved.

Lock probably wasn't really available, and still may in the Bronco's plans, just not as prominently.

Teddy Bridgewater was available, but not really considered strongly by this site. He may be having the best season of any of this group.

Among that group, my bet is that we never hear from Dalton, Foles or Flacco in any meaningful way, after this year. Darnold, Trubisky, Minshew and Lock, are going to need the help from an injury to ever get another shot. There could still be someone who thinks a healthy Marriota is worthy of handing the keys to, but you better have a viable backup and some names on speed dial.

I guess the point of this whole blurb is to acknowledge that we really could not have done better than what we have in Wentz. He is going to drive us crazy on occasion and even piss us off a time or two, but in retrospect, I had those feelings for Luck. Luck also never gave up on a play, but his INTs that pissed us off were of the variety that were thrown right to a defender, leaving us to ask "What the hell was he seeing?". Neither of them must have played baseball, because sliding does not come natural by any stretch. I did feel more confident that when Luck stepped into a deep ball, that it was going to be on target.

I was calling for sitting Wentz to save the pick, but only if we had 6 losses at this point. My thought now, is that we have our QB for the next 8 - 10 years. If you are going to play him this year, you may as well extend him and try to keep his contract at a manageable number. Now, if he'd just change numbers. #2 just doesn't look right out there.

Thanks for taking a minute. It has been a slow week.

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