Im a Bills fan, week 11 fanpost AMA

Cant believe SB nation is unscrewed this week and allowing me to post a Bills fan AMA for Colts week. I dont know when they took away the ability to do fanposts to blogs you havnt followed for at least 5 years because thats how its behaving for me.

Anyway, Im a resident Bills fan roaming our opponents boards so if you have any questions about the Bills, Ill answer as best as I can here.

You guys were quietly a pretty complete team last year, what has changed to drop you back to 5-5?

Ive heard you guys have a bit of an injury bug, whos up and hos down?

Ive watched a few Colts games in bits and pieces this year, you seem to play pretty tough, thoughts on why you cant get over the top in some of these games?

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