Observations vs Jaguars

1. Granson is under utilized, needs to be targeted more in motion rub plays. Also would have liked to see Patman targeted more over (I hate to say this) TY.

2. Lawrence has surprising issues with accuracy given his Clemson work. Not sure what the issues are. He is a stellar athlete and a threat to break one every times he runs

3. Taylor Stallworth continues to look legit, not as quick or good as Autry but just starting to find a niche

4. Would love to have some of Jax defenders (Allen, Miles Jack, even the young Campbell). If they can get Lawrence's accuracy issues fixed they will win some games with that defense

5. I can see a pro bowl for Pittman and Taylor, Leonard and Buckner. That is it (no o lineman) unless some things change

6. Carrie will help, maybe at safety if Willis comes back strong. Jones does not look like the answer. Addae, maybe

7. Money throw by Wentz but he was inconsistent. Allen was overwhelming Fisher at times

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