Where The Rubber Meets The Road

The Colts two biggest games to date will take place, over the next two weeks, against the Bills and Bucs. 7 - 5 on a 4 game win streak, including wins over two of last year's "Final Four", would raise an eyebrow or two around the league. It may not carry enough weight to propel us immediately into the top 7 slots, but a favorable schedule going forward, would have us set up nicely.

6 - 6 with a win over one of the heavy hitters, likely still gets a "meh". You'd still be 1 - 5 vs. teams with a winning record, and at 6 losses, you may have zero wiggle room to make the tourney. Some might find a little silver lining with a win and a hard fought battle, but the season is definitely moved to intensive care.

5 - 7 leaves you with no traction, and priests are being called in. Technically, you still have a pulse, but even if you live, your quality of life if compromised. You're just awaiting to see who delivers the knock out blow. Could it be the Jags, the Texans?

Wins and losses and making the playoffs are not always the measuring stick for a season. If you lost 14 games one year and managed a .500 record the following year, you could call it a success. However, we were not supposed to be one those also-rans on the outside looking in. We can blame injuries, missed opportunities, coaching moves and personnel decisions, all with some credibility. But, the season could be perceived as nothing less than a failure.

We'd feel like "Something has to change!". Everyone would be fair game and probably every fan would have at least one valid point on where to place the blame. Every off-season move gets dissected and we start getting pissed at each other and the writers for no other reason than that we're pissed and we know more how to fix it than the other people, "Who just don't know football."

Or, something completely different could happen. Cue Tom Mora?

They say the season isn't shaped until Thanksgiving and by then we will be in one of the three scenarios listed above. If we got it, we need to see it.... soon.

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