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AFC South roundup: Week 10

New Orleans Saints v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Tennessee Titans (8-2)

Score this Week: Won 23-21 vs. Saints

As much as I dislike the guy, it is time to admit that Mike Vrabel deserves to win the COTY award. The way the Titans have been winning, especially with Derrick Henry out, is not something I expected at all. Ryan Tannehill has played well even without having the luxury of facing 8+ boxes every single down, and Jeffery Simmons is emerging as one of the best defensive linemen in the NFL. The Titans are legit, and if Henry can return this year and Julio Jones gets healthy, then they could very easily reach the Super Bowl.

Injury Report

Defensive tackle Teair Tart, edge rusher Bud Dupree, linebacker David Long all questionable for Sunday.

Looking Ahead: Vs. Houston

Tennessee has won every single game I expected them to lose, and lost every single game I was sure they would win. Perhaps Houston can pull off the upset and hurt the Titans’ chances at the #1 seed, who knows?

Jacksonville Jaguars (2-7)

Score this Week: Lost 17-23 @Colts

Tough loss for the Jaguars who looked like they were mounting a comeback against the Colts after starting the game down 17. Jacksonville’s defense, led by Josh Allen, is really underrated, as they can generate consistent pressure and are really adept at stopping the run. This defense is a couple of playmakers in the secondary away from being a legit unit. The offense, on the other hand, looks really bad. Trevor Lawrence is prone to the typical rookie mistakes, while his receivers and running game are not making things easier for him.

Injury Report

Just one injury for the Jags, as linebacker Dakota Allen is questionable for Sunday.

Looking Ahead: vs. San Francisco

The 49ers are fresh off a great win against the Rams. Edge rusher Nick Bosa is most likely salivating as he is preparing to face Cam Robinson, who just allowed Kwity Paye to pressure Lawrence all game long. The only chance the Jags have at winning this one is if the defense once again allows less than 10 points.

Houston Texans (1-8)

Score this Week: Bye Week

Injury Report

No new injuries to report, left tackle Laremy Tunsil is expected to return from injury.

Looking Ahead: @Titans

Fresh off a bye week, the Texans could do the unimaginable and scrape out a win against the injury-ravaged Titans. I am probably just dreaming, as Ryan Tannehill will have a field day against the Texans’ secondary, and I seriously fear for Tyrod Taylor’s health with Jeffery Simmons facing the Texans’ abysmal interior offensive line.