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Betting Against the Spread Week 11

Jacksonville Jaguars v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Every week, I start an article just like this where I tell you that gambling is strange and addictive. It’s dangerous out here.

We’re two weeks removed from hitting on our parlay!

This past week, we lost absolutely every single game we picked except the Bills blowing out the Jets. We called that!

All lines from Draftkings.

Right now, I’m 10-1 picking the winner of the Thursday Night game and I’m starting off by saying Bill Belichick is a demon, Mac Jones has the sauce and there’s no way the Patriots -7 don’t absolutely steamroll the Falcons.

On Sunday, there’s an awful lot of bad football going to be played and a lot of that bad football is against other bad football teams and on the whole, I try to avoid betting on games where both teams are bad. Those games tend to be less predictable.

The Cowboys +2.5 on the road against the Chiefs is intriguing because the Chiefs are rickety and the Cowboys feel like a Playoff team to me. I could be misreading strength here, but this feels super close to me.

I also like the Saints +2 on the road against the Eagles because I like they way the Saints hung tough against the Titans last week. Also, I realize that this breaks my aforementioned rule of not betting on bad football teams.

I started out my evening thinking the Colts +7 have a chance on the road against the Bills on Sunday and while the more I talk about it, the less likely it seems, I’m sticking with my gut and while I am not at all saying the Colts are in a position to win this game, they could keep it close. They usually do.

Lastly, I’m looking at the Bucs -11 on Monday Night Football and just thinking about how bad the Giants are and how the Bucs are loaded.


Here’s a new episode of The Coltist! Enjoy!

By the way, Hard Knocks airs on HBO first live and then re-airs on HBO Max. I’m not sure who needs to see this.